About us

We're helping make bigger things happen every day. Welcome to Ichchapuron, an E-commerce site of Gyankosh. Trade License: TRAD/DSCC/037176/2021. For more than 35 years, Gyankosh has been passionate about helping our customers make bigger things happen at home, at school, and at work. We're focused on delivering a wide range, low prices, and great service for our customers. But we're not just specialists in books. Our extensive product range includes art supplies, facilities supplies, education resources. More than 5,000 products are available at our Local store at Dhanmondi A.R. plaza & Ichchapuron website. We're delivering great service to our customers, and making the experience easy and engaging, however they choose to shop. We're here to help our customers find solutions. Whether they're looking to start, run, or grow their business, set up a home office, explore creative pursuits, help their children develop the skills they need for school and beyond or, our products, services, and team can help. We're also committed to operating a sustainable and responsible business that supports our communities and provides opportunity for our team members. Ichchapuron is focused on continuing to deliver satisfactory returns to shareholders over the long term.